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Many drugs are given "off label" because a doctor thinks it may help. For example, migraine sufferers are used to anti-seizure meds and high blood pressure meds being tried to see if they prevent migraines.

That being said, you are right to question every drug. Ask the prescribing doctor if the nursing home can't tell you the reason. You have a right to know.
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Dilantin, approved for use in both adults and children, is generally used to treat or prevent seizures, but also for "off-label" treatment of nerve pain, irregular heart rhythms, and migraines. The next time you see her doctor, don't be afraid to ask him/her to spell it out for you. ... And make a habit of writing down your questions before you visit. Good luck my friend.

-- ED
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Dear MindingOurElders and ED,

Many Thanks for your advice. I have read the side effects of dilantin
and they would make mother worse :-( It doesn't make sense
to me why he would put her on an anti-seizure medication, even the other things it is good for would not apply to mother and I am going to talk to the doctor and ask him why he has her on it.

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