My kids call me names because I cry and that I'm weak :( I dont think I'm weak at all. I have feelings and maybe they should try it because yes I love them very much but they are mean and angry most the time :( I myself try to wake each day with a smile :) and that's even after I may have cried a lot the night before.

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Crying is preferred over having to take any tranquilizer.
I told that to a doctor once, and he wrote in my chart:
"I don't know why she was crying".
Laughing is good too!
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Totally agree with Smeshque.   I've read as well that analysis of tears reflects release of stress hormones.    Crying is cathartic, and sometimes is the only way someone can get past problems and/or troubling issues.   I think it's kind of the body's own version of chicken soup.  

But the real point is whether or not YOU are relieved through it, and if so, cry all you want.
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When we cry we are actually relieving our body of countless toxins and hormones that contribute to elevated stress levels. This in turn can help individuals to sleep better, strengthen their immune systems, and avoid gaining weight. By lowering our stress levels, crying may also help lower our blood pressure

So I think yes, crying makes you stronger.
May God bless you.
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