I just I just signed up for this group yesterday and answered the question that giving some information about what's going on with me. But I do not want anything posted publicly on Facebook. What do I do to prevent that? Thank you

Humans and our personal data, our lifestyles, our choices, are the new commodities for sale and leveraging.  That includes our personal medical information.    We aren't just patients and purchasers, we're also the concept source for some of the junk manufactured and marketed to us.

If you think HIPAA protects your medical information, ask your health care providers who maintains the platforms on which they store patient's health care data.    Read the TOS, and research that company, including its members and advisors.   

I recently learned that one of the cloud storage platforms for health care data has 2 venture capitalists as advisors.   Searching further, I learned that they see health care data as highly valuable, literally like the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow, and they're anxious to crack into that market.

We may be people to us, family and friends, but to greedy commercial entities, we're data to be targeted, exploited and marketed, and  I suspect harassed  by those obnoxious telemarketers.

How many of you have been harrassed by shysters trying to get your Medicaid info to allegedly sell you a back brace, or something else someone of your age might need?   Do you get calls to buy diapers?   Diaper service? No?     Ask yourself how telemarketers know your age range.  

One farm machinery company has installed software into its equipment, to monitor farmers' activities, including data that allows the company to recommend pesticides and fertilizers to the farmers, as if someone experienced enough in farming couldn't make that decision for him/herself, and assuming that the farmer isn't an organic farmer.

 I wish the obnoxious telemarketers trying to get Medicaid numbers would ask questions on what I need; I'd provide erroneous and fictitious information to deliberately misguide them.

What data do you think is being transmitted by the tech devices in your newer vehicles?   One entrepreneur told me software can provide the manufacturer with details on shopping trips, where we buy groceries, clothes, etc.    (I'm thinking of parking in a woods and hiking to stores to confuse the data).    But I don't have a smart phone, and if I did, I'd probably remove the SIM card when I drive or shop.

Privacy as we know it is under severe challenge by commercial forces.

(BTW, I plan to retire off the grid, living as self sufficiently as possible, using only small stores that can't afford software to monitor their customers!  I'll have my own cows and goats, ride a horse for transportation and reject commercialism.     Just kidding, but that would be an ideal way to live the rest of life.)
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Our posts are used for more than a FB associated with this forum. We have been studied by college students, screen shots of posts used in thesis paper, psychological studies based on answers and someone trying to put a book together. Just to name a few of the things that I have seen. Full disclosure would be nice but highly unlikely.
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Yep, just found the FB page. Never knew this.
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You always need to assume that anything you write on an online forum is available for the world to see and either be OK with that or make an effort to obscure your true identity or don't participate if you are not. Yes, AgingCare does use forum content on their facebook and twitter pages, as Gladimhere pointed out it's part of the terms and conditions we all agreed to when joining this forum.
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I didn't even realize this site had a FB page. But there it is, including the posting of some recent questions from this forum.

Very few responses, though, which is good. Far better for you to not follow the FB page at all, and only post here.

I am always amazed at what people will post online. For instance, there are many grief groups which are public. I see people post things about their families, friends, any of whom could read the posts (and they could do that without doing much searching, if they "follow" that person). The FB page is public.

Far better to only post to private and secret FB groups, where only members can see the posts (and, for secret groups, the public doesn't even know about the group). BUT remember that any post (presumably under a FB name that is real) could be passed along or posted elsewhere. That's why posting on this site is far better, because you can be about as anonymous as you can be online in support groups.

(Although a hacker could do a lot of damage; one time back in the days of AOL message boards a hacker posted many screen names with the real names and addresses!!!)
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You go to the top right icon on FB and scroll to privacy settings to choose who can read your posts
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You really can't. Anybody can copy anything and post to FB. Read the AgingCare disclosures. Our posts become their property. All you can really do is not post to FB yourself.

Anyone who can read your posts can copy to FB. If you really want and are concerned about your privacy, the internet is not the place to be. Of out on the streets for that matter, there are cameras everywhere.
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