I care for my elderly father in my home, he is on O2 around the clock. Is there a program out there to help cover the electric bill?

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you can ask the electric company about low income rates, also have them mart the account that there is person on life sustaining equipment if he is using a oxygen concentrator and other life saying devices this prevent it so he can not be shut off and if there is a power outage he is the a high priority address also talk to the fire department see if they have loaner generators... So i digressed.. Ask the red cross, st vinsent depaul or call you 211 service
Also, ask the company you rent the 02 tanks from (or concentrator) to give you a sign for your front door stating there is someone in the house using oxygen. Very important for fire and rescue crews to know.
I'd call the electric company and explain your situation. If they can't help, maybe they can refer you.
I am confused. Are you saying that the concentrator draws more than your utilities even though it gets plugged into a regular receptacle? If you cannot pay the bill then you can appeal to the company to not shut you off but the bill will still accumulate. If there is a major outage but live in a rural area, you still may not get rapid service. Trust me on this one. My husband worked in utility billing and I worked in a hospital as a respiratory therapist. When my location was out of power for a week because of an ice storm, we had to take in several patients into the hospital only for oxygen need. For short outages then the tanks will be helpful. As far as generators.  They last about a few hours then require more gasoline.  In our local disaster that required a trip to a gas station if we could find one with a 2 to 3 hour wait.  Plus the outage affected the compressed gas providers that need a great amount of electricity to stay open.
You can also check with your social services if you can prove a dire financial need
Let the electric company know. They usually have waivers for houses that use oxygen tanks and concentrator that plug into the wall.
St. Vincent dePaul will help with electric bills.

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