She is very attached to her personal belongings and doesn't let anyone keep them organized for you. She forgets and constantly accuses everyone around her of stealing her stuff. It has become very difficult to be around her. All she likes to talk about is her finances and her favorite activity is to keep switching spots of her valuables and then accuse others of taking them. She cries like children. She often wakes others up at odd hours and want them to look for her stuff. She is very attached to my toddler and wants him around at all times and expects him to talk to her as an adult would. If he doesn't she complains to my husband that I tell my child to stay away from grandmother. It is both physically and mentally challenging and exhausting to care for these patients. How should I go about taking it easy?

Thank You all 🙂
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I don't know how your child is handling living with a demented person. After 2 years living with my Alz mother and having to put up with her strange and outrageous behavior, my two preteens are fed up. I am fed up, too. My younger one got so stressed out to the point of crying many times. Finally, I had to move my mom out.

I would recommend you consider the effect this has on your child, your marriage and family life. Make other arrangement for her care outside of your home. Her condition will only get worse.
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It may be time for professional care.

Some of these fazes last a long time.
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Hi Traaaz
My understanding is that this behavior is common with dementia. I know she is lucky to have you looking out for her.
Keep a record of her actions and share those with her doctor. They may offer medication to soothe her and help her sleep.
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