She is 90. She was in an assisted living facility for one year after being home with me for a year after her stroke. Recently, she became weak and the AL called 911 and she was in the hospital for a week. They released her to a rehab center where she didn’t regain much strength. I brought her home and now she is on “hospice” care”. I’ve had my husband with me over the past week to get her settled again at our house. He has been helping me move her up in the bed and helping her sit on the comode. But he works in NYC and is leaving tomorrow morning. I will be on my own. I hired a caregiver to come four hours starting Tuesday from 9:00-1pm. But, I am afraid I won’t be able to lift her to sit her on the portable comode. She weighs about 95pounds and I am 118 with a replaced shoulder and herniated discs in lower back. Just want some suggestions, opinions on what I should do to care for her. I have a baby monitor where I can hear her during the night. I jump up if she has one moan, etc.. Should I try and get a strong person to help me get her settled at night, maybe to give her a sponge bath, etc.? Any comments, suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Suzan (Colorado Springs)

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I would definitely get some help. Hospice may even have a volunteer who is strong and can help, but it will depend on what the volunteer can legally do, I imagine.
Your mom wouldn't want you to injure yourself caring for her, and if you do get injured, you won't be able to care for her at all. It's possible to avoid injury that you may have to move her to a nursing home or a hospice home if your community has one. What you are doing takes a strong back and you do need to get some sleep. I hope you will get some help at the very least.
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