I can't believe I forgot open enrollment. Any advice?


Fireworks are going off and I'm home trying to catch up on my dad's paperwork and am horrified as I just realized I've missed open enrollment for health insurance. I paid the insurance company, and the check was cashed, but I didn't re-enroll him. My dad decided he wanted to get mail at his house, so SOME of the mail goes to his house, and the rest comes to my house. I can't do this anymore. It's New Years, I've canceled our trip to FL tomorrow to catch up, now I realize I've made a colossal failure of a mistake, I feel like every time I turn around there's something coming at me from another angle. I'm mad at myself, mad at him for insisting on getting his mail, mad at my family for not helping, oh this is awful. He'll be 85 in 2 weeks, is scheduled for a biopsy next week, and I've screwed this up. Does anyone know if there's a grace period in MI for senior citizens?

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fyi, talkey was right. it automatically renewed. no need to re-enroll unless he wanted a different plan. phew!!!
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Usually the default is to automatically be reenrolled unless you specifically change companies. Put your panic aside until you can talk to the insurance company after the holidays.
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You paid the bill.
Open enrollment is, I believe, for people who did not yet have health insurance, or who wanted to change it.
From what I understand, if you do not choose, a choice will be made for you?
Since you already paid, that IS your Dad's insurance.
Use the same cards. Call Health Care Options to confirm.

At least, that is how my logic works. They cashed the check.

OK, if someone is on Medicaid, low income, requiring "Extra help", they were in the past, exempt from open enrollment. But getting them "whomever is on the other end of the phone" to acknowledge exemption from the time period given for open enrollment is near impossible.

Call the Center for Health Care Rights if you get any grief!!

Remember my favorite motto:
"What can be done by paperwork, can be undone by more paperwork."

If you don't get a new copy of the health insurance card, ask for one.
WHO did you send the check to? Call them.

A doctor's office can confirm insurance coverage in minutes at your visit. Ask for a copy.
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Why are the fireworks going off, SuzeeQ?

Go to the fridge, take a drink of something cool. Happy New Year!

Let's toast to happier days ahead in 2018!

Now, put your jammies on, and go to bed! I just know you haven't slept at all this year!
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The way mine worked was that if I didn't choose, my insurance company that I had for 2017 would choose a default plan that was as close to last year's plan as they had. I think you're in good shape, especially since you paid the bill.
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You are all so kind. Thank you. I hope you're right. The thought that we'd have to pay out of pocket for dialysis and whatever happens with the biopsy, is just completely overwhelming.
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Now, have a glass of wine 🍷(it's 5 pm somewhere) and give yourself credit for keeping everything together.

I know I feel like I have bees in my blood due to having to remember everything for my mom and husband.
😜 🐝🐝🐝🐝

Will we ever feel "calm" again?
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SuzeeQ, thanks for coming back to tell us it all worked out. Good news is in short supply on here...
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@SueC1957 Thanks, and I honestly don't know if I'll ever feel calm again. I just wrote a long rant, then erased it. No reason to bring anyone else down. God bless all of you. I wonder sometimes if there's a special place in hell for those who dump life's worst tasks on big hearted people who'd do anything for their loved ones because they can't stand to see them suffer. I like your advice to give credit for keeping it all together. Same to all of you here. Do your best not to go down with the ship. I'm certain that's not what our loved ones would want.
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glad to hear it worked out. We all have moments of panic as caregivers. You are not alone.
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