It's a horrible system home care.

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I did the same as Ahmijoy, I read your other responses. Seems you have had some bad experiences.

Where I live there is Senior Housing. Like Ahmijoy said, they will take 1/3 of your income for rent. These are nice places. They have a common area for activities and parties. Or just to visit. Elevators. Transit bus comes to the facility. Our County has a senior Bus for appts and shopping. Did you get your aides thru Medicaid? If so, they need to be called to tell them aides are not showing up.

As suggested, call your Office of Aging to see what services they provide. What you need is an advocate that can help u thru the maze of what services are out there.
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Since your profile is blank, I read your answers to other poster’s questions. You seem to have a very deep-seated mistrust of caregivers and facilities. If you find yourself being uncooperative with your caregivers, they may be hesitant to come care for you. But it sounds like you need to rely on someone for your care. Who is providing the caregivers for you? If it is a private agency, contact them and report that your caregiver’s are not showing up. Do you have a caseworker through your local Department of Health and Human Services since you are on Medicaid? Contact them and ask for help. Where are you living now and what has changed that you are looking for someplace to live? My mother lived in a Senior Apartment and paid 1/3 of her monthly Social Security. It was independent living but home health care workers were in and out of the building all day.

You can also contact your local Area Agency on Aging and ask for help.
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