Tomorrow will be a week that he's been there in the "behavioral unit" (the psych ward). The social worker just called me. I told her I was in fear for my life and cannot let him come back home. His Medicare doesn't start till September. She said they will not keep him that long, and we could not get a home to take him without insurance. I thought we could apply for Medicaid, but she didn't think so. We are both at a loss what to do when he gets released.

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Why can't you apply for Medicaid for him?

Medicare is not going to pay for long term care; Medicaid will, if he qualifies both financially and medically.

Have they been able to get him on meds to calm him?
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Do not take him home! They have to help you get him placed in a facility. Apply for Medicaid . He can be accepted w pending status. Refuse to take him home . Hugs 🤗
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PowerOf3 Jul 2020
You’re right, the discharge person is responsible for finding him a safe place and sounds like Angie is being guilted and strong armed into taking him back. If there is a safety issue or you are afraid YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BRING HIM HOME, they are lying and want to get him placed to move on to the next patient. If you’re scared you tell them you will under no circumstances accept responsibility for him or allow him into your home... under the premise THAT HE IS AN UNSAFE DISCHARGE, he’s got anger issues and has become violent and you consider him a threat, flat REFUSE to accept him back. It’s Discharge Person at hospital whose responsible for finding him care where he’s evaluated and medicated for anger or aggression issues!
Do not under any circumstance listen to a social worker or case manager. They are lazy and useless. Also they do NOT work for you or the patients. They work for the hospital and their job is to get patients out of their hair.
Call a lawyer who specializes in Elder Care.
Do NOT let him come home and do not sign anything the hospital shoves in front of you or let them convince you there is no other choice.
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Please don't listen to the SW. Unless she knows ur finances she has no way of knowing u will qualify.

You would become a Community spouse receiving enough to live on. Your finances will be looked at and split. DHs split will need to be spent down. This is just the basics. You need to check with your state medicaid. You may want to consult with a lawyer very well versed in ur States Medicaid program.
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Pasa18 Jul 2020
My mother's attorney referred me to a medicaid planner who was helpful in guiding the steps if needed for crisis planning. The fee was reasonable in comparison to the attorney's fee. A consultation with an elder law attorney is a prudent step in your case for your future well being.

The psych stay may be what he needed to balance medication. However, if he does not comply at home you will have further problems. I'd say your safety comes first.
Agree with BarbBrooklyn...why can't he apply for Medicaid? Maybe he can but needs some sort of insurance in order to get a placement and Medicaid app takes at least 3 months to process... Is there any chance that you can sign him up for health insurance that would cover his current condition and then cancel it after he qualifies for Medicaid? That's how I got my MIL into a NH...
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If he's violent ... Lawyer, restraining orders, you need somewhere to live?? Thays all I can think of. Remove all weapons from the home.
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One Option is to call the Domestic Violence Hot line and ask for help. My friend was in a simile situation and received free legal representation, food and housing and for her and her children.
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Go to the magistrate now & get an Emergency Protective Order for recent behavior to prevent him from coming back to the house. Notify the discharge person of the order. Seek help from the hotline as previously suggested. Now is the time to get the help you need to get out of this situation. Do what you need to protect yourself. Be strong & don't give in to the threats from the hospital. Good luck! 🙏
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call the mortician!
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lealonnie1 Jul 2020
What is that supposed to mean, exactly???? Are you suggesting the OP kill her husband or that perhaps he's going to kill her? Some of these comments blow my mind
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