Every moment he has he is on the phone. He talks non-stop and appears manic at times. He had the day off today, he left for breakfast early in the AM. Came back and asked if I, or my son, wanted to go to the beach, we didn't want to, but he did and went. My son asked don't you want to stay home he didn't answer and left. Does anyone see this type of behavior? Also he will talk to anyone and at times this frightens me thinking he will be scammed or get into an argument. His personality can be strong, which he never was like that. Please give me some feedback, thanks I want to be more understanding.

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No, there aren't any labs for dementia. But it doesn't sound like your husband has dementia. It sounds more like another ailment, one that possibly can be picked up by blood tests.

I would suggest that he go for a yearly checkup and give his doctor a heads up on his unusual behavior. It might be a red flag if he doesn't want to go.

Have you tried talking to your husband lately about what he's feeling?
Forgive me for suggesting this but could your husband be taking a medication you aren't aware of?
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oh sorry. the reason I said labs was to ~only~ get him to go. you don't want to tell him he is going because you think its dementia(or odd behavior)

if you are afraid he will refuse to go to the dr. then you will have to tell a fib in order to get him to go.

so you will have to let the dr know PRIOR to the appointment that you have concerns that you haven't been able to address with him(your husband)

unless you can get him to go without doing that?

edit, If this is new behavior and something you think is could be another medical issue. but I wouldn't be able to say what that would be

edit, do you have any other family members that have noticed a change in his behaviors ?

edit, with such little info. its impossible to know if its medical or maybe just a bad day. is he on any medication?

somebody else may respond tomorrow with better info than I have.
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There are labs to for dementia?
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I don't know that doesn't really sound like dementia. would he be willing to see a dr.?

you could make up some 'story' about how you both need a check up for yearly labs etc. You can write all your concerns down on paper and give it to his dr ahead of the visit, so the dr has a heads up..

maybe someone else can offer some advice for you.
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