is there any where that would come out to the home and care for her full time while i worked in nc the RTP.
we have checked out some places but the most that she could get right away was three hours a day, she can't walk and happens to be a rather large women. we need more than three hours

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Someone else in this forum had a similar question, which I answered with the following:

"If the parent, spouse, or other person you're caring for is eligible for Medicaid, its Cash and Counseling program, available in some states, can provide direct payments that could go to you. A few other states have similar programs for low-income seniors, even if the person receiving care doesn't quite qualify for Medicaid. Also, if the person you're caring for has long-term care insurance that includes in-home care coverage, in some cases those benefits can be used to pay you.

If you are currently on some sort of public assistance, your benefits might be endangered should some money from other State sources start coming. You must, however, continue your search for financial assistance if caring for your mom is what you feel you must do. Wish you the best.

-- ED
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