I have room and board I do everything and they only pay me 75 a week. She also has 4 dogs.

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If the client pays you, then not paying you could be a sign of serious decline in cognitive function.
Find out if she has a POA or contact family to make a visit, perhaps she is needing more care.
Take three days off, announcing you will return after she pays you.
This is unacceptable.

You are also going to need $125 per week starting January 1st for 2018.  
Since you are not a credit lending entity, you are unable to extend credit.
Have her write a check, to be cashed when she says she has the money, say you will hold it.
Then, make an appearance at the bank to check on funds availability.
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Dlbartels2, could you give us more information. You mentioned "they" pay you $75 per week. Who is "they"? The patient or the family? What type of work do you do for the patient, and what are the patient's health issues? What type of care do you do for the dogs? Do you need to take them out for a walk? Clean up and yard after them?

To me $75 per week is quite low, even though you do have room and board. How will you be able to save for your own future on $3,900 per year. Is that before payroll taxes or after?

You would do much better working for a caregiving Agency that is licensed, bonded, insured, and has workman's comp in case you should get hurt on the job. I bet your patient doesn't have workman's comp for you.
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Have you reminded them to pay you? If you haven't, then do that.

Unless you have some place else to stay, you need room and board here for the time being. I recommend you start looking for a different job right away. Once you find another place to stay, then you can walk away from this job.

A roof over your head comes first, you don't want to be homeless. But do look for another job ASAP.

Good luck to you.
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I'd call Adult Protective Services and tell them that you have not been paid for work in 5 weeks so you assume that means you are fired after the 4th week. Tell them that you are moving out on date, and that you are giving notice to the family as well. That you think the client needs a wellness check after you move out.
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Give notice and quit.

Take them to small claims court.

Get a better gig.
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