She isn't diabetic. What I was confused by was I thought that munchausen was I knew someone intentionally sick for attention. But I thought they make a small child sick and I'm in my late 30s. Is that curable thank you for your patience and the answers

I have read your previous posts. They are very confusing. Who is taking care of who? Your profiles says nothing. You talk about a brother saying Mom needs to be in a home,

If no one is diabetic why do u have the medication in ur home. Giving diabetic meds to someone who isn't diabetic is dangerous.

I think you need help. You need someone to evaluate your situation. Maybe Mom should have a good check up. I would call your local Office of Aging and ask them how they can help. Or get brother involved. I really think you may be in over your head.

What Mom has maybe curable but that would take a psychiatrist.
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IFeelingsad, your Mom isn't doing "Munchhausen by proxy", as those parents who do that will visit a lot of doctors with their child, and love going to the ER for all the attention they are getting through their child's "illnesses". And they are purposely making the child ill to they can go to the doctors/ER's.

Sounds like your Mom is frustrated with being a caregiver. Is this something that has been recent or from childhood?

Your Mom needs to speaking with a talk therapist to find out why she is doing this, and hopefully to find ways to cope.
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Is your mother your caregiver? Are you dependent on her for rides to your doctor’s appointment?

Are you saying that she is giving you medication that was not prescribed for you? Where did she get it from?
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