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Like BonnieO says-see a good Elder Attorney.

Depending on how much money your Ma's got-

We've got it set up where-she's my employer and I'm her employee(caregiver)
and I get paid by her trust(funds) and they take tax out-Fed,State and SS plus money is taken out for unemployment-where if she should go into a nursing home or pass on-
I can collect unemployment benefits.
The way it is-she can only have $2,000 in assets-before medicaid would pay-say for a nursing home.
So why give a nursing all the money?
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I don't know what your Mom's financial situation is, but there are ways to be paid. The first thing you need to do is find an attorney in your area that deal in elder law. I just met with one a couple of weeks ago and I wish I would have done this in the very beginning. It is very important that the attorney you contact deals in elder law. The first attorney I met with said he knew elder law, but really did not. I learned of mine by word of mouth. Elder Law is a very specific law. My attorney gave me so much information and suggestions. He was even able to recommend programs for my parents that are wonderful that I was not aware of. Do yourself a favor and get an Elder Attorney. Good Luck.
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