My ex husband is a veteran.

If he qualifies for VA aid & attendance, the money can be used to pay for you to be his caregiver.

If you were to become trained and get hired by an agency and then assigned to your ex, your ex would have to be able to afford to pay the agency if doesn’t qualify for a Medicaid waiver.

There are a few Medicaid waivers that pay for home care but there are a lot of restrictions.
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Your profile says you have a brother you may be caring for. My advice would not to take him out of the state he lives in. He may have to set up residency in TX before he qualifies for any resources, like Medicaid.

In PA they have programs thru care agencies where you would be trained and hired as an employee of the agency getting all the benefits. Then you would be assigned to your ex. If ex is low income, you may want to check out homecare thru Medicaid.

Call around to homecare agencies and see if the program I describe is done in TX. Maybe your Medicaid office has info.
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