I asked dad to appoint lil brother financial and he is horrid. I have been with them long term. He has been away for many years. He freaked mom out doing things underhanded and not in his power, taken documents out of safe, written emails to bank as if her bank called me. I am on and have been on account many years. He tried to block me. What do I do? He has taken money and lied to sibs and mom. Help

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You don’t say what your mothers health challenges are. Did she also sign for brother to be her POA?
POA stops at death. Brother no longer has the right to act on your dad’s behalf as a POA.
Your mom can appoint a new POA for herself. Take her to see a certified elder attorney immediately so that she can regain control of her finances. She needs advice.
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I would talk to an elder law attorney if you believe that brother is self-dealing. If there is suspicion of something shady going on, the attorney can help to find out and put a stop to it before your mom winds up broke.
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