I am so afraid and I know I can’t take care of my brother at home anymore. What can I do?


Is it true that Hospice kill your love one? What can I do? He will eat a little if I feed him. He has Vallarta demi.

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Love 1964, what a difficult situation you are in! Hugs to you as you face this big challenge.

People cannot go on hospice unless they are in the end stage of a terminal condition. In other words, they are dying. So, of course, they die in hospice care. They would have died no matter where they were being taken care of. Their disease or condition caused their death, not the care methods.

The hospital thought my mother would not live out the week. They discharged her to her nursing home, on hospice. She got stronger and more alert, and after 3 months she "graduated" out of the hospice program. The hospital was wrong -- her condition did not take her immediately. She lived more than 2 years after that. Hospice did not cause her death. The condition was not ready to cause her death, and so she didn't die.

Your brother is going to die from his terminal condition, whether he goes on hospice or not. And he is going to die on the timetable of his own body, not necessarily what the medical experts predict. The purpose of hospice care is to make that final period as pain-free and comfortable as possible, for the person dying and for the loved ones.

My husband was on hospice care in our home. The hospice folks thought he had several months left. He died after 5 weeks. The autopsy said it was amazing he lived that long. He died when his body needed to die. The hospice experience made the sad time much easier for both of us.

My entire family knows that I want hospice care when it becomes appropriate for me.
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My mom is on Hospice now. She lives with me. Hospice sends a CNA twice a week to help bathe her. They send a nurse once a week to check her vitals and see what meds she needs. We give her very little medication but they provide it. They bring supplies, like briefs, pads for the bed, gloves, wipes, cream/ointment. Their doctor comes once every 5-6 weeks to see how mom is doing. They also provide 24 hour phone help. My mom has been on hospice for 11 months now. She continues to lose weight (down to 75lbs) even though we hand feed her. When her body is ready to go, or the Alzheimer's makes her forget how to swallow, then she will die. It will be tough for us to deal with, but I think hospice will help us through can that time as well. Until then Hospice gives a little support to us as we care for her.

Don't be afraid to bring hospice in to help. They will provide support, both emotional and physical, and it will ease things for both you and your brother.
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To be in a Hospice program, your loved one is in an advanced life ending disease. Hospice provides comfort care for the person involved. I am taking care of my cousin who has metastatic cancer in her lungs and back. She is in a hospital based Hospice program. She is kept pain-free and comfortable. She chose to go into Hospice. She is not being put through unnecessary testing and/or treatments that will not help her. When her life ends she will have been kept pain free and in a place where her family and friends can be with her. Hospice does not kill your loved one.
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Thanks so much for all you all answers, It is so good to have a different thought about Hospice. I know I have to let go and let the body take its course.
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No, they will not kill him. Their main focus is on relieving pain and distress in dying patients. Hospice was very good to my grandmother and my father when they were dying.
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Just sending good thoughts to you and your brother. You are about to embark of one of the most difficult journeys together. Hospice will support you both, and help you support each other.
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Love, I am very sorry about your brother.
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I'm very sorry about your brother Love1946
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