I am single over age 65, what amount of income do I have to have so that I will need to file taxes?


Amount of income do I have to have, to file taxes? I am a single over age 65.

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Just a thought here. Regardless of whether you owe taxes, it’s a good idea to file. Just go to the IRS site and print out the short form and fill it out. It will guide you.

From time to time there is a catastrophe and FEMA gives aid. If you stay in the system it’s easier for you to qualify.

This will cost you the price of a stamp or you can file online.

AARP sets up volunteer sites in many cities. Check online.
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PhyllisA, I agree with Sue above, you will need to ask a tax accountant or tax preparer your questions, especially since there has been changes to the tax laws recently [not sure what takes affect and when].
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A tax accountant would be the right person to ask.

As I understand it, if your only income is Social Security and you don't make many thousands in interest from a large amount of money in savings or investments, you wouldn't even need to file taxes.
But please get this clarified from a tax accountant.

Can you give a condensed version of the 30 pages?
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Check this publication.

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