My 66 year old intellectually challenged cousin (lives 200 miles from me) has lived in a personal care home for many years. I see my cousin once per month or more often if he needs something purchased, or has to be taken for doctor's appointments, eye exams, or to reunions, on vacation, to get clothing, etc. I have a doctor's report which states his disability level and a psychologist also has tested the cousin and found him to be intellectually challenged to handle his own affairs.

The caregiver took my cousin to a legal representative to have him ask seek representation for the caregiver to become his guardian. A petition has been gfiled. The caregiver feels that her church family and friends are closer to my cousin rather than his own family who live in the same town and is beinig denied access to my cousin.

What are my recourses to remove the cousin from the caregiver if he is being coerced to say he does not want to leave her care? I did not place him with the caregiver. The cousin was actually allowed to sign the application form himself so he could have dignity and feel like a man. I believe he may be afraid to say otherwise.

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