Hi. I am POA over my disabled brother. His caregiver, who is not paid, allowed his 37 yo daughter to stay for 2 weeks so she could find a job and get a place. She has a criminal record and my brother did not want her there. It has been 6 months now and she wont leave. My brother got very sick 8/31 and was rushed to ER, lifeflighted to Knoxville, TN and was on life support for 3 days. When he was able to speak, he said she did this to him with her meth. I am in process of getting med.records from ER. We also found out she got.hold of his SSD debit card numbers and has been stealing his SS money online and putting it in her incarcerated boyfriends account for phone calls and toiletries for months. While my brother was on life support, she started a fight with her dad, my brothers caregiver. He pushed her, she had him arrested and filed a PPO against him. Now she has the house to herself. She has druggies staying there, has sold my brother and caregivers personal belongings, TVs, Blu Ray player and so much more plus his wallet, birth certificate and deed to the house are missing. The police are involved. An Affadavit of Fraud has been filed with Soc.Sec., we filed a 14 day notice to quit, and filed formal 30 day eviction yesterday. My brother is in a nursing home but will be released soon. I just got POA last week and it is "unlimited". The police told me to file PPO on his behalf. The office I file at said there is no dom.abuse against him and I cant file. Than they said "call a lawyer. We are not sure". I have been on the phone 5 hours trying to find out if I can. Mental abuse and crimes against him should be enough I would think. Plus he is totally helpless against her and her meth head cronies. Nobody in this county, Chatt. or K'ville knows if I can file on his behalf, or if mental abuse and the crimes are reason to get a PPO. My brother cannot walk or use his left arm. Him going home to her and her druggie friends is not safe for him. He will be a sitting duck. And with all the crimes she will eventually have to answer to, he is all that is standing between her freedom and prison. Adult protective Svs cant do anything unless she is his caregiver. TN law. I am mentally disabled also and am ready to go inpatient over this. How can I protect my brother from her? Can I get POA on his behalf in McMinn County TN with an Unlimited Power of Attorney, (which means I have the power to do anything he could do...if he could". Thankyou so very very much.

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Hi CMagnum, 
I have a POA for both. I want to get a PPO, (a restraining order), on my brothers behalf against the girl that is being evicted from his house. Nobody with any authority can tell me if I can file for one in our county of McMinn in TN.  He is in a nursing home in Knoxville, TN but will be coming home soon. We live in the same county, 2 blocks apart. Thanks.
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Which POA do you have, Durable, Medical or both? You don't need another unlimited POA for you say that you already have one. You don't need a new one for another county.
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