I am only 71, but I am starting to have symptoms of confusion and memory loss, such as names of people close to me and other people.

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Denise's response is right on the money. AFTER you are evaluated by your physician/psychiatrist, take an honest look at how you're living. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you work, study, and caregive? Are running amok from one place to another and too tired to chew most of the time?

My love, the "dementia" you're talking about sounds like a major case of burnout. I take care of 50-60 MICA (Mentally Ill, Chemically Addicted) patients on a daily basis, and often forget to eat my lunch after popping it in the micro. I get home after midnight, worn out, and wake up a few hours later because I'm too tired to sleep.

Look at your schedule and see if you can take time off, or rearrange it so you can take care of yourself.

Be well my friend, and stay in touch.

-- ED
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your doctor is the best person to ask this. He/She will give you a test to determine if you do have dementia. Next inform your family(close,dependent family members) or close friend. You will need someone close to you whou will care for you,help with finances,etc. Dont wail untill its too late and ou wind up losing everything you worked for all your life or worse getting hurt physically! Demetia is no small ilness,trust me, I am caring for my 81 year old mother in my home with no support from family or friends and she has always been dependent,now I cant find insurance policies,and she has no idea what I am talking about.
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