I am in a situation that I may need to get out of for health reasons. I have short term memory loss and several medical issues and would like to live in low income HUD housing where I can keep my 2 cats which is the only family and love in my world. They are what keeps me going. I am 67 and would like what is left of my life to be fore me. I have no furniture or anything though due to living issue. Just want info now so I can plan.

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2 previous answers give great options but also check into your County Housing Department. Local Senior Center as well.
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Kat, if you need immediate help while you are checking out your options, you can contact a church near you. Ask if they have a Care, Senior or Nurse Ministry or ask for the pastor directly. Keep calling churches until you find one that will help. Before you call decide what kind of help you need most urgently and maybe only ask for one specific thing (like rides to medical appointments, help with temporary housing, financial help for groceries, etc). I'm an elder in a small church and we help people all the time who are not attenders. I will pray you are connected with the right help right away!
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Google Area Agency on Aging for your County or state. They are a great resource for the elderly and disabled and can advise you of services in your area.
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