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Iamready, since you are your sister's guardian, did you take the required Nebraska Guardian/Conservator education course? Did you go to the Nebraska Guardian/Conservator website and download all of the forms and read all of the information provided there?

I think that you will find your answer at that website, if not, then you can contact the "Administrative Office of the Courts Trial Services Division" for Nebraska. Here is the information of the
Trial Court Services Director:

Sheryl Connolly
Trial Court Services Director
1213 State Capitol
1445 K Street/P.O. Box 98910
Lincoln, NE 68509
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Iamready, when a person is on Medicaid they have to be almost at poverty level, so how would your sister be able to pay you? Medicaid will be paying for your sister's room, board, and care at a nursing home.
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Dream on , if she in on Medicaid her only income will be a very small amount to cover personal expenses like haircuts and clothes. There is nothing to pay you with. Why are you expecting to be paid for something you volunteered to do?
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