On May 29, 2019 I became aware that Medicare declined my medical claims because they think I still have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. My husband retired Dec. 31, 2018 and my medical insurance ended as of January 1, 2019. I Have been paying for Medicare Part B since February but am receiving no benefit, in effect I have no medical insurance. I have tried repeatedly to have this situation corrected but so far no luck. Has anyone here ever experienced this before?

I don't know where else to turn.

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Sorry, but ur situation really bothers me. Did ur DH retire with 30 yrs service? Unless his contract was a lot different than my husbands, (he retired 2009 with 31 years)I can't understand why you don't get a supplimental thru BC. You should be down as a dependent and a survivor to his pension. I just looked at my husbands stub, he pays $34 a month for my medical. My husband pays nothing for his health insurance.
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rlapeyre Jul 9, 2019
Hi JoAnn29,
Unfortunately my husband was IT working on the OnStar account at GM and at one time was picked up by Hewlett Packard back in I think 2006 with the OnStar account was transferred to them. When GM brought the OnStar account back my husband lost out on the retirement package because of that as well. However, I now have the letter from BCBS of Michigan which I can summit to Medicare showing my insurance coverage ended as of 1/1/2019. Hopefully it won't take many more months to get it fixed.

Thanks for your interest.
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Your husband was an auto worker? If so, you should still be covered by BC as a suppliment. Once a retiree and dependent turn 65, Medicare takes over as primary and BC becomes the suppliment. Its automatic. You need to call the benefits department and see if ur covered. My DH pays out of his pension for me.

If not, you need BC to send u something showing ur no longer covered. Then send it to Medicare. The union made us pay for part B to continue with BC.

I had this problem because Medicare had BC as primary. I explained that when I turned 65 my BC changed to secondary. My husband had no problem. The rep changed Medicare to primary.

Hope this helps.
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JoAnn29 Jul 2019
On my phone and I don't see responses unless I really scroll.

Its hard for me to understand why you don't have BC of michigan as a secondary. My husband turned 65 before me. Once he received Medicare, BC automatically became secondary. Me too. We get dental, vision and prescriptions thru the UAW retiree trust.
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You can get a letter of cancellation from BC/BS with specific dates that your coverage from them ended. Call your local Medicare office, explain your situation and ask where to send it. Make copies of this letter in case Medicare claims they never got it. Send it “signature required”. Send a cover letter and see if they will revisit each denied claim backdated to when your coverage with BC/BS terminated and refile it. Keep after them.
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rlapeyre Jul 2019
He Ahmijoy,

I called BCBS and they are sending the letter electronically and via the mail. When you say send it "signature required" what does that mean? Do I write this on the letter I send to them?

It was as I thought, my policy was cancelled on January 1, 2019 so hopefully they will revisit the claims because they were all several months after I started paying for Part B.

Thank you all for your help. I'll let you know what happens in case others find themselves in this predicament.
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First I want to apologize for getting on the forum as I am technically not a care giver other than to myself. I am not burnt out yet but didn't know what other area to post my question. To answer your response tacy022 our BCBS of Michigan policy was not a supplemental policy and it was through my husband's employment with GM. I do not get money taken out of my SS Check for Medicare Supplemental insurance. The only medical insurance I am supposed to have is Parts A, B and D. Money for Parts B and D is removed from my SS check.

I am sure Medicare is inundated with all of us Baby boomers retiring and perhaps that is the reason this is taking so long. I am also curious as to how this situation happened. My husband has no problem with Medicare as they know he no longer has BCBS and I only had it all those years as his spouse. (?)
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Don't apologise! AgingCare is about all things related to aging and I can't think of many people who don't qualify for the forum one way or another. Welcome to you :)
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