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Is your mother younger than 65? I believe that you start with the Medicaid application, and Medicare will be part of the benefits.

My sister applied for Medicaid for our mother. It may be, though, that after she filled the application out Mom signed it. Would your mom be able to understand the application and its purpose and sign it?

Get some advice from the nursing home's social worker. Your mother is not the first person in this situation!
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SSMack, if your Mom isn't on Medicare or Medicaid, what type of health insurance has she been using? I see that your Mom is living in a nursing home due to general age decline, thus she must be paying the monthly cost from her savings, correct?

Normally when one turns 65 you apply for Medicare. If someone doesn't and waits for years to pass, then there will be a penalty. I don't know if you can apply for your Mom, try and see what happens.

As for Medicaid, you would need to check with your State Medicaid office. I assume you could since Medicaid usually comes into the picture when a parent can no longer take care of themselves nor can afford to be in a nursing home.

Let us know what happens.
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