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Most people can reach just the top of the glass of the door. With this idea, you can do it without a ladder.
1) Apply a commercial product decorative film to the glass.
2) Apply a fabric cut to size to the glass, soak it or apply it with decopage glue to just the glass. Sheer, or Sun-blocking.
3) If you don't care at all how it looks, decopage some newspaper to the glass (just Joking).
4)  Or, cut up some contact paper, self-sticking, and either patchwork it in pieces, or in whole strips to cover the window.

This is a do-it yourself answer.  Pretty tacky, I know, but if you get desperate......
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If you are close to your neighbors maybe a younger one could reach it and help you out? My hubs helps our neighbor out all the time
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Sounds like you need a handyman. Do you have a senior center in your town? Call them to see if they can refer someone to you.
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