I am looking for Health Insurance. My husband is 68, retired and on Medicare. In December 2015, we moved from California to Kentucky.

I had to leave my job of 21 years and lost my health insurance. I am 62 and have not been able to find a job. I aid my husband 50% as a care giver.

I would love to find a home base job. At present I am on Medicaid.

I would like to start my social security benefits. I need to find a health insurance I can afford. I am on high blood pressure medicine.

I asked a health insurance broker and she replied the cost was over $1000 a month. Which I could not afford.

I have looked online however, I am unsure what would be best for my needs. Can someone help me?

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Also in 3 years you will qualify for Medicare. You are fortunate to have Medicaid. It can be so hard to get. I am your age. Also if you can possibly delay receiving your SS it will be more for you in the long run. If you could find an elder care lawyer you could afford some of your issues would be answered and hopefully a plan put in place for your years ahead.
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I'm confused. You say you are on medicaid, that is health insurance. So you are already have it. Will your SS benefits be high enough make you no longer eligible for medicaid? If so, then that's a qualifying event and you should be able to get subsidized health insurance though Obamacare even though the open enrollment period has ended. At lower income levels, the subsidy makes it very affordable. Checkout your state exchange or if your state has refused Obamacare, go to
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