I am living with my grandmother. My cousin filed an eviction notice but she does not have power of attorney. Is that legal?


My uncle holds a power of attorney with 2 signatures from doctors saying that she is not capable of making daily decisions. There are no signatures so is the eviction notice even legal and they have changed the locks, is that legal?



I would think that, (a) only the person who holds title pursuant to a recorded deed, and (b) someone who service as proxy pursuant to a POA or DPOA would have authority to issue eviction notices.
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no lease but they have keys the control her life and try to control mine .ive been here every day for 2 and a half years they have put me through toucher .and they say i did nothing .i cut the grass clean house i even built a privacy fence and landscaped maybeb its harassment .
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Call the police. Someone entered without your permission. Check your state laws. I believe your uncle needs a court order. You have a history of living there. Do you have a lease? Who owns the home? Is your grandmother cognitive? Also, where is your grandmother?
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