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Googleeye2, here's a link to an article on Personal Care Agreements (PCA) including a link to a sample PCA:
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If your dad pays you directly, then you will need a written contract saying what you will do as a caregiver and how much you will be paid. This is possible only if he is competent to understand and do this.

Such a contract is important if he ever needs to file for Medicaid. They will want to know why you got money from him in their 5 year look back.
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Hi, Googleeye2.

What state are you in? Some states have programs where a family member can be paid for caregiving (not a lot) if their loved one is on Medicaid. CA is one of them.

Also some caregivers are paid directly by their loved ones; for instance, my dad pays me for caregiving from the money he gets from his pension.
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