He can not walk or eat, he will drink but it slow due choking. Physical therapy was shocked how much he declined. We're taking him to get Elder Care a program for dementia patients, long process he might end up in nusing center. I am going blind from diabetes and I have liver disease from it too.

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Your profile says your husband was doing OK until 8 days ago. Was there a reason for this sudden change?
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I’m so sorry this is happening, to you both . If he is still hospitalized ,they should have social workers that can help you .They will help you place him somewhere safe , and will give him the treatment he needs.Good luck .
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There's a 24hour helpline number at the top of the page, it might be easier for you to give them a ring? It's 800.272.3900. I hope they'll have some good, practical ideas to help you through this crisis.
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Yes, it is shocking when a person with such high needs is sent home. How are you supposed to deal with all that? I think they often ask if there is someone at home and assume that when the answer is yes it's A-OK to send them home. Yikes.

Good luck getting some help ASAP as it does not sound it is at all reasonable for you to handle this alone.
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Hospitals will only keep people who are acutely ill, not chronically ill. They will put patients into rehab or skilled nursing often, long enough to assess whether or not the person will BENEFIT from the care, that is be able to walk better, have better balance, be able to participate in ADLs (activities of daily living such as showering, toileting, eating, and etc. If it is decided that the person will no approve appreciably no matter WHAT is done it is time to consider facility care, either Assisted Living or Nursing Home, and eventually palliative care or hospice care. It must be so very very difficult for you dealing with both your own illnesses and your dear husband's. I am so very sorry for this. Do speak with Social Workers to discuss placement so that you can visit and support your husband when you are able, and when Covid-19 is not afoot in the land. I wish you luck and hope you have support of family and friends.
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