I have always lived with my mother who had health problems since I was a kid. My dad and sister are deceased. For yrs I was still working too, but the past years she became perm disabled, physically and I have been her full time caregiver. Because we had her income only and she was paying for my car/health expenses and our home bills, she claimed me as a dependent and she was head of household. There were no problems. I will be keeping our home and continue livng here, I am about to turn 50 with my own pending physical disability case pending. I am e-filing her 2018 tax return from which I am the only person to receive refund. We have a joint bank acct. I was still listed as dependent and her head of household using the same filing site as always, it said the person claiming cannot also be the dependent. So, I edited to remove me as dependent and therefore it changed her from head of household to single and the refund was cut in half. Since right now I have no income yet and really need the higher refund. If I have my cousin or uncle claim it and keep me as dependent, I feel that might be fraudulent. Considering I was an adult daughter caregiver, could that help?

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You need to see a good tax preparer. Since she has passed, I would want to make sure everything is done correctly. The refund is part of her estate. Did you probate? Did she have a will?
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tracylynng, the recent Tax Reform has had changes regarding "dependents". The Reform had become so complex that I had to take my late Dad's income taxes over to his CPA. I also had to use the CPA since I had inherited some complex financials. Oh fun.

Higher refunds? NOT
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