I am Co DPOA with my sister. I am a RN x30 years none of the siblings are health care professionals. My mom was put on Aricept 7 years ago, per my request. I didn't seemto help or hurt her. She was put on Namenda 3 weeks before my dad's deth 2 years ago also per my request. I saw that it made her incontinent, and was discontinued. I happened to mention it to my sister 2 months later who insisted she restart it. I gave in and it was restasrted. I have tried unsuccessfully to get her off Namenda x6 months. My sister insists she be put back on. The doc gives in because she lives with my brothr and she sleeps 18 hours a day with this drug so she is easier to manage. The doc told me I need to take Mom to live with me or put her in a facility. There is a nice Demntia Care facility 10 minutes from my home. I would really like to have my Mom live there. What rights do I have? I have been bullied threatened and harassed by my siblings. What can I do?

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