I am caregiver for mom we need to move into a smaller apartment. The problem is there is no storage units in most of the places we are looking into. We are renting a house and have been paying rent here for years. It is too big. Where can we place our storage we have a lot. Thank you

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I think that 9 times out of 10 the stuff people put into storage never gets used again, even when you are sure some things might be useful you would probably find that in a couple of years your needs have changed. Pare down to the bare bones, it can be freeing to let go of stuff.
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I agree with Ahmijoy. I had a friend who stored an 'old' couch in a storage unit for 5 years. Trust me she could have bought a FABULOUS couch with the money she spent on the storage unit.
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You can always rent a storage unit off property. They come in all sizes and you can rent them for a monthly fee. It might not be a bad idea to go through everything and save only what you can’t live without.
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