It will be two bedrooms on 5th floor of a 6 story place. Will the neighbors hear us or us hear them up, down, next door? Thank you.

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On hearing neighbors it depends on the noise level that is generated. Also if there is carpeting or rugs which reduce alot of noise.

I don't know how populated the area you are in is but appliances may sell well if you advertise the sale of them.
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Caregiver00, regarding noise by you or Mom, or by the neighbors, it all depends on how the apartment building was built. I have found the older the building, the quieter it will be. If the floors in the new apartment are not wall-to-wall carpeting, you can purchase 8x10 area rugs to help muffling the noise.

I assume you and Mom were renting at your previous place, right? Ask the landlord if he/she would like to purchase at a discount the washer and dryer. Or try to sell it on Craigslist, or place a note on the community bulletin-board.

As for the portable dishwasher, to be honest I didn't think anyone made those anymore. It might be best to donate it.

Hope your move goes smoothly :)
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