I am being harassed at my H.U.D. apartment. Do you know where I might be able to find help?


I am 76 years old and not in good health. I am being harassed at my H.U.D. apartment building by on-site management and I believe the reason is that I have spent a great deal of time and effort to make my apartment VERY attractive -- all at my own expense. Management's relative(s) want to move into my apartment. Several of them already occupy a number of the apartments in this building. Now I am being coerced to move out of mine and it is becoming very uncomfortable for me. I need advice on how to proceed but since no lawsuit has actually been filed against me at this point I am ineligible for low cost legal assistance.

I do not know where to turn for help and I have no funds to consult private counsel. I have only $750.00 per month social security to live on and it isn't even enough to pay for my medicine which I am required to take for the rest of my life just to stay alive.

Do you know where I might be able to find help? I have contacted all Legal Aid-type organizations I know of with no success.

Many thanks. God bless!



Do you get vouchers from the USDA Section 8 with a rent subsidy? If l so it will be hard to get you out.
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In my County the Housing Authority handles HUD. They maybe able to help you keep your apt. You do have a lease. Can't kick u out if you have one.
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I'm kind of surprised that Legal aid can't help. Did you find these through the local bar association? You might try calling it, or the state bar association. Ask also if there are any landlord-tenant pro bono associations that could help you.

I'm a bit confused on the issue of a suit having been filed. Are you thinking that suit would be filed to force you out? If you're not in violation of any lease terms, that would be harassment.

Another source to try is a local senior center; many in our area have free legal advice weekly or biweekly. It's worth a try.

And as GeeWhiz suggests, DEFINITELY call HUD hotline.

This wouldn't be a first choice b/c of possible retaliation, but local tv stations in our area often feature these kinds of situations. They get involved, pester the management and force them to make public statements. They can get attention, action and results through the public shaming process.

There really may be some collusion on the part of the management if relatives are moving in. You might ask HUD to do some quiet investigation; I'm wondering about self-dealing when management seems to favor relatives. I also wonder if they're truly qualified for HUD living.
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Can you speak with the HUD hotline? (800) 955-2232 (Toll-Free)
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