My mom has Dementia. I am an only child and my mom lives with me and my 13 year old daughter. I lost my job in Jan but I have to work but I have nobody to sit with her. I can't take care of her but I can't get her in a facility and she only gets $875 a month and I can't afford to pay anyone. Since taking care of her I have developed depression and very high blood pressure. I have a child to raise BUT we have no life taking care of my mom. What can I do? Do I legally have to take care of her?

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Have you considered applying for Medicaid for her? When you apply for Medicaid, you are usually assigned a caseworker who will walk you through the process and help. Also, many states have agencies that will help. Here in Ohio, it’s called “Direction Home”. This agency tries to keep people in their homes, but have access to other agencies who may be able to help. These agencies can be found by googling something like “senior citizen help”. You can also contact nursing homes and ask if they would accept her Medicaid Pending. If by some chance she should wind up hospitalized, you can refuse to bring her home by saying you are in poor health yourself and cannot care for her. You can also ask her doctor for their help. Explain that you need to work and don’t want to leave her alone but you may be forced to and don’t want to be reported to APS.
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Have you called your local Area Agency on Aging and talked to them?
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