I am a live-in aide for my grandmother. Is there any way that her children could take her away and put her in a nursing home?

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The person who has Medical POA (not financial/legal POA) can place grandma in a care center if he/she deems it in her best interest medically.

I take it that you think GM can remain at home, and the generation above you does not. Is that it? Can you tell us the reasoning on both sides?
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Who is POA? - that is the person otherwise they need to go to authorities to get guardianship - maybe do this first -

Are you salaried? - make sure you pay whatever taxes you need to do in your country to start getting your own retirement in line as it is never to early to start! - Grannie has lived long & 1/4 of your genes come from her so chances are you will too
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As long as you are able to keep up the pace of caring for your Grandmother, there would be no need for anyone to place her in a nursing home. But we need to view reality.... Grandmother will start developing other issues beside not being mobile [as per your profile].

Then it would be difficult for you to do all the work that 3 full-time caregivers do in one day, each working an 8 hour shift.

One question, how are you funding your own retirement? Is Grandmother paying you so that you have some income coming in?
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