My husband is 75, has had a stroke, he doesn't sleep at night and gets lost wandering around the house. (We have a small 2 bedroom house) I am his only caregiver.

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Gigi0312 what’s going on? Are you safe?
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Your husband needs help now. Call 911 immediately if not already.
He needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. GET HELP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!
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Be sure to check out the comments left for you on the other post you responded to, saying your husband sits on the couch every night with 2 knives and now a gun. Call 911 and get him to the hospital right away, please!
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I’m so sorry. My husband had a stroke in 2003 and I understand how it messes with your lives. You might want to take a different approach with your husband regarding seeing his doctor. Don’t tell him he needs to go “to see if you have dementia/Alzheimer’s.” That’s scary and I’d probably refuse as well. Health insurance sign-ups are everywhere now. Mention that you got a letter from your carrier or Medicare saying that in order to keep his coverage he needs to see his doctor “for a checkup”. Contact the doctor before you go and tell them about your concerns.
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