I qualify in Virginia for Medicaid under the asset test. I would qualify under the income test with my SSDI alone, but not also with the financial help I've been getting from family. Is Medicaid going to want to see some period of no gifts prior to the date of application or would the gifts be able to be stopped concurrently?

I think it’s a 5 year look back
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Are you talking Medicaid as an insurance supplimental? Did u just receive SSD? I am asking because my 28 yr old nephew gets SSD, Medicare and Medicaid. He receives 1000 between an annuity and SSD. He has some savings, retro from SSD. He works at the ARC and is allowed to work up to 20k. Has family been helping to suppliment your income, help with insurance. I would run this by Medicaid.
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Lock, that is an excellent question. Please note that each State handles their own Medicaid programs. It would be best if you contacted your State office.
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