I am a CNA and i have been taking care of my father in law, he has bad knees and he had surgery for his neck. he also have depression and he also has to use a commode, also has a walker but most of the time he uses the wheel chair. I cook for him, get him drinks, help him in the shower, get his meds that he needs, clean house, do laundry and clean the commode. He also goes to the community senior group therapy in which we help him up and down the stairs(the nurse that picks him up for it and i ). i also have to take him to his doctor appointments and anything else he needs to do. And thats on top of looking for a job for my CNA. by the time that i get things done at the house and have him where he needs to be there isnt really much time to find a job or even have the energy to so. Some days he is in great shape to do things for himself but there are days where he doesnt have the energy to do it. Is there a way that i can get paid for doing all those things and be his care giver at home? We dont want to put him a nursing home but we cant really leave him by himself for 8 or 9 hours, and he does have a home health nurse come in once in a while. But she just does vitals and see if he is doing alright.

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