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Mom has Parkinson' is really an "umbrella" term for a big group of symptoms. Mom has tremors and walking issues...she used to be so active, so it is hard for me to watch her labor over little things.
I buy her games and puzzles that keep both her hands and mind busy. She likes jigsaw can find ones that have bigger pieces (300 count). I bought her hand held video games (solitaire, connect four, tetrus, etc.) I get her involved with daily chores that she can do (laundry, a little cooking,etc.) She also loves listening to music so I invested in a really good stereo for her. (books on CD are excellent - I get them at the library.) Recently, I have bought Mom art materials, she is actually very artistic. When she complains about not being able to control a brush or pen, I just tell her that she is creating modern art :o) Your client might enjoy a trip to a hobby store to pick out a few things she can do.
The hardest thing is to get Mom to go out. She only goes out if she has a doctors appointment. But she feels much better after an's a constant struggle.
The Parkinson's association has videos that you can rent or buy. There are some good exercises that help with balance and walking.
good luck
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