I have a pace maker. I cook, wash his clothes. I need help and a house keeper I'm too tired. Where do I go from here?

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It would be the County who would provide IHHS - In Home Health Services. So for you, it would be Merced County Senior Services Program, 209-385-3105.
They are part of the State of California Human Services Agency. They offer
- Chore and Personal Care Assistance
-Meal Services
You and your son both have renal disease. Renal disease falls into a special disease category and can qualify for more services, more caregiver time than other aging at home programs. Like I think, they can do grocery shopping for you as renal care can mean you have special nutritional needs. Based on what others have posted on this site, seems to be around 15- 20 per week that most folks qualify for. There's 2 of you in the same household so there will be some overlap of services done, but I bet between you both it will be close to 28-30 hrs of services.
The State trains and pays the caregiver.
You do not pay the caregiver.
But the state looks at you & your son monthly income & your household expenses to see if each of you need to do a copay to the State to offset what the state pays the caregiver. If you’re very low income, there’s no copay to the state. Best of luck in getting the services for you & your son.
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Is he on Medicaid for his health insurance. If so, contact his caseworker and ask about "in home care". You maybe able to get some aides for him. If ur transporting him to dialysis, his Medicaid health offers transportation. As does Office of Aging. If he isn't on Medicaid, you may want to see if he qualifies. Social Services should be able to help.
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Contact your local Agency of Aging if you are in the US or in Canada local seniors resource centres.
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