Me, 53 and husband 65, caring for my brother, 50. Ischemic stroke Feb of 2018. We have experienced many blessings but have admittedly lost a large portion of our lives together. My brother is overly confident in his abilities. He walks with cane and though done with therapy works with a trainer. He’s received excellent care but still has global apraxia and aphasia. He is ever determined to get his independence. We also handle the operation of his various business activities and I work full time. All he really wants is to go home but it is remote lake place and I can’t monitor him from an hour away.

My brother was fortunate to receive therapy at Shepherd center in ATL. He is very mobile. Communication very challenging at times though.

He is determined to drive which is latest challenge.

My husband is primary caregiver. I could not handle all without him. Also just moved mom into assisted living.

not same situation, but we’re out here!
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I am so sorry.

Just because we may not be caring for our children (i believe some are), we are all caregivers and we can help support you on your journey. Each individual situation is just that, but sharing with others that understand the trials and struggles of caregiving is helpful.

Welcome to the forum.

Great big warm hug!
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I don"t live near you so can't advice on local services but I've used a Stroke helpline to get advice & my Doctor put me on to a kindly Councellor. The councelling has really helped my thinking. Goal now to support my relative but also get back in my own life - the danger was me living HER life with her while my life withered. The resentment was building but I couldn't see who else could do it. Do you know what I mean?
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Beckyjane2 Nov 29, 2019
I know exactly what you mean. I have decided to seek counseling. The danger of living her life with her and loosing mine is where I am right now. She is totally cognizant but cannot speak. The stroke was severe and left her entire right side paralyzed so she can't stand or walk. It has been over 3 years now. Thank you for responding.
Can’t say I’m in your position, and sorry to hear you’re dealing with this. My mother had both strokes from clots, what we came to call “the little ones” and strokes from bleeds, or hemorrhagic stroke, “the big one” Her life was completely altered in every conceivable way. What kind of stroke did your daughter have, how much recovery has been possible, and how much hands on care are you responsible for? Sorry to pounce with questions, but it may help others to answer and be of help to know a bit more
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