I am 86, still in my home and take care of my husband. I have help in most areas, but preparing dinner is a challenge for me. Any ideas?



Bett, Eyerish's suggestion of MOW is a good one. Dad got them for years. I thought the food was too high in sodium for me, but I haven't used salt for decades so I'm more sensitive to it.

The folks who deliver are great company; it's a break in the day. They also can provide feedback to the MOW staff if they see that someone needs some extra help. Ours call the staff immediately if no one answers the door when they deliver. It's a limited, but good back up mechanism for safety.

For holidays, Dad's MOW ordered packaged meals from local restaurants; they were more like a dinner out, wit larger portions and more variety in the meals.

Holiday, have you tried sitting down for everything except perhaps putting foods on the stove, stirring, and serving them? As my mother grew older and developed back problems, this is what she did.
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Consider a helper for once a week. Cook a quantity of food for the week and put in serving size containers for frig and freezer.
Alternately Slow cookers might work two or three times a week with left overs for the other days.
What do you normally cook? Give us an idea of what you and your husband enjoy now? That might give us better ideas for you.
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Fruits, veggies, bread and some protein; cut back on using the stove and oven if at all possible.
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What part of preparing dinner is a problem? Shopping, prep (slicing and dicing), standing at the stove, serving, clean up etc.

My step brother lost his wife in the fall. She was the family cook. He has just signed up for a meal delivery service. It works out to $8-10 per meal, he is happy with the food, portion size and not having to cook.

As well as meals on wheels, there maybe a community kitchen that can help you out. In my home town there is one for low income families, they have to participate to get the meals, but it is always worth asking if they could include you in the program.
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Bett, preparing a meal has been a challenge my whole life as I really dislike cooking.

Recently I have been able to purchase fresh veggies all ready cut up that I can steam using a cook top steamer on the burner. Taste so much better than canned or frozen veggies. The on-line grocery service in my area has a large variety of such veggies. It's great having turnips and rutabaga already cut up, as those veggies one would need a reciprocating saw to cut through them !!

For fish, I just use Mrs. Paul's or Gordon's fish products which cook in the oven. I know, these things have high sodium. We aren't big eaters so this works for us.

Also, try switching lunch with dinner, thus have your bigger meal at noon when you have more energy. Nothing wrong with having cereal or toast for dinner :)
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I’m disabled and can’t stand in the kitchen very long. My hubby bought a rollator (wheeled walker with chair seat, storage under seat and on mine, a back support). This thing has hand brakes too!

I’m hoping it’ll be a help because I LOVE creating in the kitchen. My husband and I just love that avenue of self expression, then we get to eat it!

unfortunately I’ve been ill for three months with a still undiagnosed GI tract problem(s) and he’s taken over in the kitchen with his two normal legs. I’ve a severe scoliosis plus past back injuries.
But when I recover I’m looking forward to trying my rollator. I think it’ll make an excellent aid for outdoor activities, it resembles a lawn chair in some ways! LOL
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Meals on Wheels. A wonderful service for a small, weekly donation (usually about $5) that is delivered by wonderful folks. They deliver M-F around noon. Google your zip code and "meals on wheels".
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