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Do you receive Medicaid? They have home care services. Do you think you may like a Day care type thing. Medicaid may cover the cost for that. Gets you out of the house with other people and activities. Moms took people grocery shopping. They even bathed Mom.

Office of Aging has resources. Senior bussing. Some provide aides. Where I live there is a place called " Resources for independent Living.
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NAMI has local offices in most communities, they are very helpful. I would start there if possible. Try counseling services, they can get you set up w a case manager who will see that you are connected with all the available resources you are in need of and qualify for.
I am in the process of this myself right now. I've been in disability for 25 years and always had help from my mom. She passed away almost 2 years ago and I've gone thru hell since then. I need help finding resources and services.
I just discovered Catholic Social Services also is very helpful as a source of providing many services to disabled persons, you may try them. Also Lutheran Social Services.
Your local Department of Aging or Council of Aging will have information. Ask your doctor for suggestions for resources. National Church Residences is a wonderful network of senior living communities across the country. They have every level of senior living needs available and it's based on your income. I am moving into one of their communities soon, it's really lovely. It's a 3 bedroom cottage w washer/dryer hook up, dishwasher, just the right size, no stairs, nice floor plan, good location, with a patio in front and back, quiet, and looks out onto a park!!! And I can have a dog.
More and more, mental illness is just another illness. It doesnt have the stigma it used to. So many people take antidepressants, they have depression, bipolar disorder, mood disorders, etc. You should not feel you are alone, you certainly are not. When I was diagnosed 25 years ago until now, there is such a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how mental illness is perceived by people. Perhaps a support group would be helpful for you? Or just talking on here. Best of luck. I promise you're NOT alone.
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Please confirm what you’re looking for.
Many communities have mental health centers for you to go to but what type of homecare would you need?
I have a brother on SSDI.
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What kind of care are you referring to?
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