Husband's weight gain- what else can I do?

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My husband is gaining weight since he came home in October. I've tried to reduce the portion. What else can I do?

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Does his doctor say that he's overweight? I'd inquire if that is the case and if the doctor thinks he shouldn't gain anymore weight. If he's dangerously overweight or you are not able to assist him physically due to his size, I'd explore what options there are with his doctor or nutritionist. 

You profile says that your husband has dementia. I don't know how advanced the condition, but, at some point, he likely will forget what he has eaten and may eat continuously. At some point, supervision and control of all food is likely. That way, he gets the proper amount. Until, he gets to that point, it might be challenging though. I'm a believer of allowing a senior to eat what they want, but, if there is some real pressing reason that it's not in their best interest, I see how that might be different.

My LO would make herself sick if she had unlimited food. She has severe dementia and no sense of fullness at all, so, she has to be limited in her portions. 
 I wonder if it would it be possible for you to speak with a dietitian, they would be able to tailor a diet plan based on things he likes.
Does he get any exercise at all? Can he walk? Do some seated exercises? Exercise not only contributes to weight loss but is very good for dementia.

I'll also ask Sunny1's question. Are his doctors worried about this? What do they suggest? How much has he gained in the last two months? Obesity would not be good, but sometimes doctors are glad to see a few extra months, to help them through future illnesses.

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