His doctors haven't mentioned driving concerns. My husband cannot walk without assistance plus he struggles getting up when he has been seated.

Added to his walking issue at times, although rare he does not understand where I am driving him.I question his ability to drive and will not ride in the car when he is driving. For example recently while in Florida I was driving north to my sister's home. I should add her home is not any where near the airport. Out of the blue my husband said we needed to go back to our rental because I didn't pack his items on the dresser. He insisted he needed the items up north at our home. He thought we were going to the airport.

He has hit the sides of the garage when coming home plus he parks the car in the garage on a significant angle.

There are many more incidents like this, not daily but frequent enough.

Should he drive?

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Poppy, the main issue here is your husband's memory, not the fact that he has trouble walking or getting up.....

Young people who have mobility issues are able to drive using equipment that is added to a vehicle to use the gas and brakes. The difference is they are clear minded.

The part where you wrote that hubby parks at an angle tells me he might be having eye issues, too. That is when my Dad [was 87 at that time] decided he shouldn't be driving any more after he had hit the curb on two different occasions and damaged the front right tire. It was Dad's eyesight that was making him hug the curb while driving.

I agree with Pam and Jeanne above, have your husband's doctor be the bad guy in this situation telling hubby he shouldn't be driving.
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I agree with Pam. Ask the doctor to deal with this.
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No he should not drive. You can avoid being the bad guy by asking the doctor to send him for a state driver evaluation test.
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