Husband with Alzheimer's got a hold of the keys to his truck while I was at work. The truck has someone else's registration sticker.


But he cannot remember what happened. His story makes no sense and the dent would not coincide with what he is saying. The police came but no report was filed and the truck was not impounded. Now the other person has filed a claim and by the damage to my husband's truck, it looks like the other person was at fault. How do I prove this?



Work through your insurance company
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Call your insurance company for guidance. I think each party has to fill out a form. This includes what happened. Where it happened. Where the damage is on the vehicle. The insurance companies will sort it out.
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If no police report was made and filed, it’s pretty much your word against the other person’s unless there were witnesses to the incident. I would contact an attorney to find out what your next step should be. It goes without saying you need to take the keys with you from now on. And if your husband does things like this often, you may want to consider daycare or home health care for him for his own safety and the safety of others.
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