My husband has mild dementia & Tia's he says he is fine and I worry to much but he hardly gets out of his chair.  I think I am not dealing well and already gettin cranky and then feel bad.

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mandmjsnm, any time a senior needs to give up something, such as driving, there should be a substitute in place. Like have a relative or friend drive... or see if the County has a mini bus service that will pick you both up.

Giving up driving is one of last few bits of independence someone has. It is tough for men and women to hand over the keys.

My Dad use to want to drive, and that was a hot button for me whenever he brought up the subject. I would tell him he and Mom could lose everything they worked hard for all their life, and he wouldn't want that to happen just because Mom found a sale on soup.

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Your husband should not drive, ever. It not only puts him at risk but it endangers other drivers and pedestrians.

I would hope his doctor would give him this message. And DMV should be notified so his license is cancelled. Or at least they would have him take a test.

To my husband, the very hardest part of having dementia was needing to give up driving. It is very sad, and I feel sorry for your husband. But it is necessary.

Try to get the help of his doctor and DMV, so you are not the bad guy.
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