My husband had a bad morning it started at 6am. I have been waiting for a physic dr to call me back but no call yet. I cant afford to take him to ER due to the behavior place keeps billing his meds under their coding as if I give him the meds and the first thing they want me to do is put him in a nursing home and I am not going to do that I just need his meds adjusted the physic nurse said she would call dr and call me back that has been since sat morning no call yet oh yes the meds were $1685 for 7 days I hope bc will pay still working on it Why does everyone want you to put your love one in nursing home I have my daughter to help me and I don't work I have to deal with his moods.

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Charchar, don't forget Mother Nature has a way of throwing a wrench into your life.... either you or your daughter could become ill and not be able to help out with your husband/her father.... then what would you do? Can your daughter handle her father on her own? Is that really something you want your daughter to do?

The safest thing for both your wellbeing, including your husband's wellbeing, is for him to be in an environment where there are trained professionals to help with this matter. Once he is doing better there might be a chance he could come home.
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The ER is the best place in situations like this. Once you have a combative person you are putting yourself and your daughter at risk. Just not right!
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charchar, I went through this with my sister many years ago, and the hospital was always the best place to adjust her medications. They could draw blood every day and make sure the meds were just right. Sometimes she did have to stay a week or two. Are you sure he took his meds at home? Missing a dose can be worse than no meds at all. Please get him to the ER the next time this happens. You could end up in a nursing home with serious injuries if you don't get him to the ER.
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They may suggest a nursing home because they are afraid you or your daughter will be hurt. I don't understand the insurance billing problem. I am hoping that bcbs will come through for you so you can seek help when you need it. The ER can commit your husband for geri psych evaluation if he is being violent. It sounds like it would be what you need. I'm sorry this avenue has problems for you.

Please, whatever you do, keep yourself and daughter out of harm's way. I hope that you are able to find a way to calm his mood quickly.
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